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The latest Sabyasachi Collection is Stuff of Royals

Sabyasachi is a designer who has the ability to surpass himself every time he comes up with his new collection. He has experimented with...

Once a Diva Always a Diva: Rekha

So we got a lot of messages asking us to do more of Rekha looks. Hece, here’s another one for our readers. Blue Banarasi Saree Occasionally...

Solah Shringar: Scent Splashes for the brides and best friends

Fifteen out of the 16 solah sringars specialize in adorning a particular part of the bride’s body, maang tika for the head, bangles for the wrists...

Bring Ethnic Charm Into Play To Win Over Your In-Laws!

What is the first question that strikes a woman in India when she enters a new home, a new life, becoming a part of...

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