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6 Things To Avoid While Customizing Your Wedding Outfit!

Hey Everyone! Is your wedding around the corner? Are you eager to get your bridal outfit customized? Then you must have already decided the colour...

Solah Shringar: Scent Splashes for the brides and best friends

Fifteen out of the 16 solah sringars specialize in adorning a particular part of the bride’s body, maang tika for the head, bangles for the wrists...

Bandhani – More than just a tradition

Bandhani, another name for Bandhej, is a popular form of designing which incorporates the tie and dye method. Derived from a Hindi word “Bandhan”...

Solah Shringaar for a complete bridal look

No matter how much we advance in our lives certain things are done best in the traditional old ways. Solah Shringaar is one such ritual that...

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