Our country is known for its ethnic wears and spectacular fabrics. There is an existence of a variety in the fashion market since different states have traditional outfits and produce unique handlooms. Here’s a compilation of some of the best Indian handlooms that definitely need to be owned by you.

Kantha Sarees 

Vidhya balan in Kantha work Saree | thefashionbug.in

The Kantha form of embroidery comes from the state of West Bengal and Odisha. The marvellous Kantha work sarees have stitching all over the surface to produce amazing patterns. It is mostly done on the Tussar silk which is known to be one of the best quality silks. Kantha is created in the rural areas whereby the designs are comparatively simpler. The stitching in the sarees is mostly along the edges to give a wonderful look. However the modern forms involve machinery and multiple stages resulting in complex patterns with pretty motifs like those of animals, birds and flowers.

Sambalpuri Textile 

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This is one of the best examples of the tie and dye method which originates from the cities of Orissa and is produced in the districts of Sonepur, Sambalpur and Balangir. The process to dye the fibres is tedious and takes weeks to finish. However, the fact stays that it results in vibrant colours which is undoubtedly the most important feature of this incredible material. The best Sambalpuri sarees are offered in natural colours with traditional motifs such as chakra (wheel), phula (flower) and shankha (shell). These are symbolical of the long living traditions. The Government of India also aided the weavers of this beautiful fabric by adding it to the Geographical Indication’s registry.

Kanchipuram Silk

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The South Indian traditional masterpiece Kanchipuram silk is native to Tamil Nadu and is widely known for its exquisiteness. The Kanchipuram sarees have different designs for the border and body which are often woven separately and finally interlocked together. While the designs in the earlier days were mostly traditional, we have modern patterns of Kalanjali and Chettinad. These sarees are woven out of pure mulberry silk and the designs are often intricate with materials such as zari to give a royal look. Thus to grab all eyes in your next party, Kanchipuram is a great option.


Image Source: daily.indianroots.com

Hailing from a small village namely Baluchar in Murshibad district, Baluchari flourished in the 20th century. Presently, the State of West Bengal produces authentic sarees of this stunning textile. The most intriguing feature is the border or the pallu which has designs depicting events of epics such as Ramayan and Mahabharata. The weaving patterns are intricate and it normally takes a week for two weavers combined to complete the process. These days, we have the ‘Organic’ Baluchari which uses extracts of fruits to dye the sarees and promote eco-friendliness. If you’re attracted to this sample of Baluchari then it is highly recommended that you visit the India International Trade Fair in New Delhi which showcases some of the finest of this fabric.

While Indian handlooms have a lot to offer, this assortment should definitely be in your wardrobe for those special occasions where you would want to flaunt your fashion statement.

So keep shopping and stay stylish!

– Dibas Kar


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