6 Things To Avoid While Customizing Your Wedding Outfit!


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Is your wedding around the corner? Are you eager to get your bridal outfit customized? Then you must have already decided the colour and the intricate details! However, even if you think that everything is in place, there are chances that your outfit may not turn out to be perfect. After all, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip!

Brides usually commit a few mistakes while getting their wedding outfit customized.

Here is a list of the common mistakes:

1) Focussing on one colour

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Though it is essential to follow the latest trends while customizing your wedding lehenga, you should know which colour combination suits you according your body type and skin tone. Choose colours that blend well with each other. Certain colour combinations work like magic whereas others don’t! So, you need to be careful about the colour of your bridal lehenga.

2) Going in for western bridal outfits

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It may sound clichéd, but you must realize that traditional attire adds grandeur to the entire look of the Indian bride. Choosing western outfits for the main wedding functions can make one look lack-lustre. An Indian bride looks most appealing in traditional wear complete with jewellery. However, this does not mean that you should not experiment even a bit! You can go ahead and wear indo-western fusion or a gown for pre-wedding functions like Sangeet and Mehendi. Just ensure that you stick to traditions for your shaadi and reception.

3) Getting an outfit 2 sizes smaller in the anticipation of weight loss

It is great that you want to eat right and exercise to lose weight before your wedding but getting an outfit 2 size smaller is complete disaster. Be realistic in life and order your bridal outfit as per your current size or else you will end up with an ill-fitting outfit!

4) Following trends blindly

There are some brides who simply follow the current ethnic fashion trends. They give little thought to the fact that the outfit needs to suits them. Not everyone is blessed with a perfect figure!

5) Messing up with too many ideas

When you decide to customize your outfit, keep one kind of design in mind and focus on it. At times it can get too messy when you confuse different kinds of designs. Make sure that the finishing of the outfit and the fitting is perfect.

6) Not taking the designer’s advice

Source: UCAS

You should listen to the designer too when it comes to choosing the right cut and colour. It should suit your skin tone and body type. After all, designers have a lot experience in this regard and will give you the right advice.

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