7 Day Pre-Wedding Beauty Regimen For Brides-To-Be


As the wedding approaches, most brides are in total chaos. There can be a last-minute shopping or a major trousseau fix. All this can affect the beauty and skin care routine of the bride.

Presenting a 7 day long pre-wedding beauty regimen for brides-to-be! It will leave you with a glowing complexion and cheerful spirits!

Day 1: Massage and bleach

Don’t wait until the last moment. Instead, add body bleach to the 7 day beauty regimen. As it takes quite some time, it is better to get it done a week before your wedding.

Get a full body massage too as it is usually a great way to fight stress. It will soothe away the jitters you have before the wedding.

Day 2: Scrub

You need to pamper yourself and your body. So, keep all the preparations aside and get a good full body scrub. It will give you a smooth and silky soft skin. The process of exfoliation will remove dry and flaky skin. It will prepare you for a body wrap. The body wrap helps in deep conditioning and hydrating the skin to bring out that perfect shine.

Day 3: Waxing and hair colouring

A full body wax is what you need to look good on your wedding day. It may be time-consuming but it is totally worth it! After waxing, it is time to focus on your hair. After all, they are a bride’s most precious possessions. Get a flattering hair colour but make sure that it is only 2 shades lighter or darker that your natural hair hue. You can also ensure that it settles down well before your big day! If you don’t want a full head colour, you can always go in for highlights or lowlights. You can try a tinge of red on the tips of your hair as it is trending these days!

Day 4: Hair Spa and facial

You need to fix an appointment at the parlour for a hair spa. It not just provides deep conditioning to your hair, it also adds a healthy shine to your mane.

Enhance your natural glow by going in for a facial. Try a skin-illuminating one like a gold facial. It will moisturize the skin deeply and bring out the glow.

Day 5: Pedicure and manicure

Two days before your wedding should be for a pedicure and manicure. Your hands and feet too need to be pampered well. They need to stand out when you get your Mehendi applied, isn’t it?

Day 6: Apply nail paint

Your hands need to look pretty, so why don’t you try some regal nail art? That way your hands will do all the talking! You can even get your nail art match your outfit for the pre-wedding rituals.

Day 7: Sit back and relax

The day has finally arrived; you are entering a new phase of life! So, on this day, you need to sit back and relax. Just wash your hair and enjoy getting your bridal makeup done! You are the queen today!

Hope the above pre-wedding tips for brides-to-be are useful!


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