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offbeat engagement outfits
Visited all possible shops for an engagement out and only and only saw gowns? Disappointed? We feel you but don’t worry! We always have brides who are for different and off-beat indo-western outfit for their engagement ceremony. So we did our research and put together a list the most off-beat outfits for the brides-to-be for some inspiration. Indianised Jumpsuit Source: Pinterest Whoever...

Bridesmaids Outfits

Like many things, the concept of bridesmaids is something we Indians have borrowed from the west. Bridesmaids are the bride’s sister and best friends, hence making them the second most important people during the journey from the planning stage to the execution till the vidaai. The concept of bridesmaids’ outfits originally is where the bride herself picks the outfits...
  If you are planning your own wedding, you will be super occupied coordinating everything. Sometimes, even the best of wedding planners can overlook a few tiny details until the last minute. Keeping that in mind, you must start shopping for your outfits, jewellery, etc. well in advance and so you don’t forget anything, we have created the ultimate shopping...