Baajubandh, as the name suggests, is a piece of jewellery worn around the upper arm and is said to protect the bride from evil. May it be simple chains or diamond studded patterns, these armlets are available in myriad forms and designs to enhance a bride’s appearance.

Here are a few specimens which you can consider wearing at your wedding:

1) Solid Gold Baajubandh


This particular kind is an age old traditional piece of jewellery involving gold
moulded in the most exquisite and elegant forms. The trinket is usually solid with designs etched on to the metal as shown

Since South Indian wedding jewellery is still predominantly and preferably made
out of gold therefore you can spot similar baajubandhs on the arms of a south
Indian bride.


To add more colour and dimension kundan, meena, ghunghroos, pearls and other
precious or semi precious stones can be studded.


A beautifully cast arm band with holy figurines and animals carved onto it adds
more depth and dimension to the jewel.


2) Rajasthani Style Baajubandh


A typical Rajasthani armlet looks pretty much like the one shown above. A
broad solid gold plate with curved borders and festooned with a stud or a
similar embellishment and tied around the arm with red silk threads which
suspend almost till the knees.


Rajput women necessarily wear the baajubandh along with their ethnic Rajputi


Although a few variations have inevitably come into existence, the basic design and red silk threads have
endured the test of time.

3) The clutch baajubandhs 


The most convenient aspect of this specific class of arm bands is that they
do not require any fastening and most certainly do not create any size and fit
issue. The process is invariably simple, wear the armlet and push it to fit
your size and the trinket magically clutches itself around your arm.

The rings can range from one to ‘n’ in number and
eccentric designs may involve snake,clizard or any reptile patternc(which you
surely would want to avoid for your wedding ceremonies at least ).


A strikingly vibrant piece of jewellery with beautifully incorporated floral
design. This can be a considerable option for sangeet or evening party where
you plan on wearing an Indo-western outfit, a gown perhaps.


A multi ring bajubandh with vines ,curls and colorful embellishments.

Well these ones are for the best friends who love to doll up no matter whose
wedding it is 🙂


The designs are relatively simple covering both modern and ethnic looks.

4)Studded or Embellished Arm Bands


Commonly these bajubandh designs involve a central brooch  with a an oversized precious or semi precious
stone designed to look like a peacock or paisley or droplet and the bands
generally is a relatively thinner string
decorated with pearls, kundan and smaller studs and beads.


Another tasteful choice to complement your wedding attire be it red green or


A white and gold armlet for a bold look
and overpowering appeal.

A sophisticatedly designed and coloured trinket with multi layered band and
a central design bordered with pastel green beads.

5) Diamond studded arm bands

These arm bands can be a perfect choice for the brides who wish to get married
as per the Christian traditions. Since the brides are dressed in white the
diamonds add nothing but more grace to the bride’s appearance.

The armlets can even be worn in contrast to the dark colored indo western

6) Chain Style arm bands 

category is for the girl friends especially ,as this is a  modern and supposedly too subtle category to
be considered fit for the brides.

Girls can not only wear these armlets with ethnic outfits but even with a pair
of jeans and t shirts or any contemporary clothing for that matter.

A perfect light weight and hassle free accessory to make a style statement.

Yet another beautifully crafted piece of jewelry with freely hanging brass
chains and beads.

If we dig a little deeper it is surprising that an armlet was initially a man’s
adornment. We can often spot kings and their courtiers wearing trinkets around
their arms. Gradually it became a unisex jewel and is not restricted to being mostly a women’s jewellery.
Armlets not only reflect beautify but also add an appeal to a woman’s appearance and
with so many kinds available in the market it is really hard to resist getting
one for ourselves.

Huma Abbasi


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