Farewells without any doubt are emotion laden events. The sense of parting, the
realization that the journey here is actually over, the feeling of attending
your last event at the institution leaves you with sentiments which are an odd
mixture of sadness and relief. The sadness of not being able to meet your pals
on a regular basis, of not being able to sit  at your desk in the class, The
relief of the successful completion of one milestone, a sign of advancement in
your life.

It is an important event and everything
mentioned above holds true however it is equally important for you to look good
for the simple reason that there are going to be a lot of pictures clicked,
upload, shared framed and hanged as memories and you surely would want to look
your best.

A lot of us, including myself, take these
occasions casually and do not put much thought into it, and of course regret
later :p Since school farewells are around the corner
here is a little insight for the girls to make this day unforgettable. A great look involves a lot of things like your outfit, hair, footwear
accessories makeup. But for now we are concentrating on the most important part
that is the outfit.

The traditional farewell outfit is a saree in most schools. So here is a
compilation of trendy sarees that you can wear at your farewell. You must bear in mind that this is a farewell and not a family function
therefore you must ensure that you do not dress yourself up into a costume from
the Sooraj Barjatiya movies.  Lay more
stress on pastel colored sarees, modern prints, and really cool blouse

Every class has a vast range of personalities, from the girly girls to the tom
boys, the bold journalist kinds to the pretty n petite kinds therefore there
are going to be a lot of different sarees in the farewell. Sensual black ,
stylish grey ,mesmerizing red ,gorgeous green and every possible color in the
rainbow would perhaps be worn in your farewell.

A perfect saree combined with a perfect blouse. A beautiful blend of black, golden,
green and a sleeveless net blouse are the things which make this saree a
perfect choice. An appropriate amount of glitter adds to the appeal.This saree
is fit for both day and night events.

This one is for the traditional Indian style lovers .A beautiful sea green
paired up with golden blouse, this amber
bordered net saree with floral embellishments is just an off the shelf
pick, no alterations required.

Deepika Padukone in a lemon yellow saree and a boat necked net blouse.

If you are a neon fan then look no more. These sarees will bring out your
personality in the most dazzling way possible. The sheer fabric adds grace to
the electric color. Priyanka Chopra looks stunning in a brightly colored yellow and orange saree.

If you wish to have a sober and elegant look then this is a perfect saree for
you. The exquisitely blended subtle colors like brown and pink gives you an
unmatched classy appeal.

TIP: If you are opting for relatively simple sarees, you can pair them up with
really attractive blouses to maintain the overall balance of the outfit.

If red is your favorite color, here is a saree for you. A carrot colored saree
with an intricately woven collared net blouse.

Image taken from http://blog.indianweddingsaree.com/

Black indeed is beautiful and these Manish Malhotra designs
truly hold up to it. These sarees will highlight the sensuous side of your personality.

If net and sheer sarees are too delicate for you to handle then prints can save
your day. You can select a finely printed saree for yourself so that you can
enjoy every moment of your farewell comfortably. Such sarees require equally
elegant accessories and hair do.

Stay tuned!

A lot more coming up on the blog in this segment.

Huma Abbasi


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