Bold And Bright Colour Trends To Rule This Summer


The Indian summer tends to be hot. In keeping with the heat traditionally Indians go in for subdued colours in the shades of white, baby pink, soft blue, cream and peach. But this year the fashion trends predict otherwise. This year people are willing to take on the heat and even increase its intensity by favouring colours which are bright and bold. Of course, with fashion trends undergoing a lot of changes, the underlying need of comfort remains the same.

Thus, the palette theme set to dictate fashion trends will have the whole spectrum of colours bursting out. Monochromatic hues with pops of many different colours will be trending to celebrate the beauty of the onset of spring. Predictably clothes in shades ranging from blue to red pinks and yellow are set to keep the mercury rising. This will be contrasted with the softer colours of pastels, ivories and whites which will add the required chill to a hot summer day.

Bright tones and sunny shades of orange and yellow with retro pops in solid tones of opal or lime punch will make for a quirky collection. This will definitely tickle the fashion sense of the modern younger generation for whom “quirky is so cool”. Of the earthen palette lava red is predicted to become quite a rage. They are versatile in their usage and also help inject a streak of brightness whenever they are worn. Since this colour has a leaning towards the orange palette, its use for beach and pool-side loungewear will only help to enhance the beauty of the clothes.

Other shades which would also be a part of the summer fashion 2016 are tones of brown, blue and peach. Of course pink in all its hues seems to be happening colour of the season. Enjoying a range that is wide and far reaching, pink can be used for making a wide variety of clothes and accessories. Hues of pink from the deeper to the candy pastels and bright pops to the softened baby tones, always account for an elegantly dressed up look.

Buttercup yellow is one shade which is indicative of a happy sunny phase and can be rightly used to brighten up any mood. The use of this colour with ethnic ckikankari makes for a heady combination, inevitably becoming the centre of attraction. Green and its many different hues are used to reflect the essence of spring and makes for an unexpected and rare event when worn.

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