Weddings around the world have always been an exorbitant
affair. It is an amalgamation of ceremonies, emotions, dresses, jewelry and of
course good food, and yes everything is in huge proportions.

With a few exceptions, eventually everyone gets married .The
difference lies in the fact is that while for the bride and groom, it is the
most significant and once in a lifetime event, for the guests, it’s one among
the hundreds of weddings they will attend during their lifetime.

Henceforth, the unstated law of wedding planning is to keep
it different in order to make it a memorable occasion for everyone and not just
the couple. Hence come into existence terms like wedding themes, destination weddings,
exquisite cuisine, unconventional and catchy wedding outfits and what not.

Talking about outfits, traditionally the Indian brides wear
shades of red – crimson, scarlet, blood, wine, cherry red, etc. However, in an
attempt to keep it different, it is about time we break the conventions and
experiment with altogether different color pallets. Now a days the bridal
outfits can lie anywhere between shades of green to purple and even off-whites
and gold.

Here is a brief view of what brides can opt for if they wish
to color the wedding canvas with atypical hues.

Shades of Green


Green is the next best bet of any bride who doesn’t want to go for the conventional red. And why not? It is one color that suits everone.

Shades of cream


Sonam Kapoor in a Rohit Bal creation looks ravishing. Rohit Bal, true to his skill, weaves a beautiful outfit with shades of cream.

Shades of Orange


Pic credits: Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Orange is one of the most underrated colors. It has the power to fuel up the event to an altogether different level. That is exactly what this orange lehenga does.

Shades of Violet


What Indrani Dasgupta does to this attire is absolutely class apart. The lehenga manages to even impress the bagal wali aunty  who somehow never seems to like anything.

Shades of Pink


Nargis Fakhri makes it even more enchanting. Recently, Kareena appeared in a baby pink colored lehenga and did she manage to turn the heads of the crowd? Hell yeah!

Shades of Golden


The shade had caught up quite a lot way back in the late 90s and beginning of 2000. Aishwarya Rai had often been clicked in this shade during those days. Going by the beauty of the shade, we recommend more and more of it.

Shades of Blue


Hardly to be seen in the shaadi circuit, blue lehenga has its own aura. If blue can be a part of all your looks then why not on your wedding?

Huma Abbasi

Disclaimer: Pictures taken from Google Images. If the owner of any of these images has an objection, let us know and we will get them down.



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