Bridal Lehenga Shopping in Jaipur: The Magnificence And Allure Of The Gotedaar Lehenga


Weddings are occasions where everyone loves to deck up in their traditional best. This statement is amply proved by the multicoloured splendour of the weddings taking place in Jaipur. This “pink city” is home to a tradition which includes elaborate customs and ceremonies. Each of these requires the bride to be decked up in colourfully opulent lehengas. For catering to the ever-growing demand for bridal lehenga shopping in Jaipur, a number of shops have come up in this city.

lehenga shopping in Jaipur

While some of these specialise exclusively in traditional marriage attire, others cater to ornaments, garments and other decorative items required for a wedding. Some exclusive shops even specialise in only designer lehengas which may be traditional, contemporary or a fusion of both in their design and artwork. What makes Jaipuri lehengas, or “Gotedaar Lehengas” as they are called, different is the fact that they are extremely well designed, stitched and embroidered. They also come in a rainbow of colours ranging from the predominant red to hues of blues, organs, pinks, greens etc.

It would not be wrong to say that the whole lehenga choli chunri outfit enjoys the title of being the most preferred wedding dresses for brides. So much so that even exhibitions are held for wedding lehenga shopping in Jaipur during the months of Feb-March and August-September. Some places like the Saraogi Mansion, Ganpati Plaza, Narayan Singh Circle and Takth-e-Shahi road etc., have become famous destinations for shopping for wedding lehengas and sherwanis. Boutique shops catering to exclusive tastes and selling designer lehengas can be found in Country Inn, Johari Bazaar, MI Road etc.

As elaborate as the bridal lehenga is, it still needs the bangles, the Jadau set, Lac and Kundan jewellery, and ethnic footwear to complete it. There are a number of well-known jewellers specialising in custom made jewellery based on the customer’s budget. Some places like Maniharon ka Raasta, Johari Bazaar, Gopalji Ka Raasta, Haldiyon Ka Raasta and Surajpul Bazaar are also famously known for the choice of jewellery available there. The Bapu Bazaar, on the other hand, is the perfect place to shop bangles from. Jootis which are traditionally worn with bridal lehengas can be procured either from branded shops on MI Road, JLN Marg etc. or from Ramganj Bazaar which sells Jootis of many different hues, colours and designs.


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