Easy Pre-Wedding Hair Care


Every bride in this world wants to look stunning on her wedding day. Hair is always the main attraction when it comes to looks. However if your hair lacks lustre and shine, you won’t be able to leave a lasting impression. And that is not what you want!

As a bride-to-be, I am sure that you are taking care of your hair really well. Here are some really effective hair care tips that you can follow easily before your D-Day!

1) Tie your hair in a loose braid or bun

Stop the habit of sleeping with your hair open. You should brush your hair well, remove all tangles and braid your hair before hitting the bed. The best way out is to make two pigtails. Also, ensure that your hair is not too tight as it can cause breakage. Tying up your locks can prevent them from getting entangled while you sleep.

2) Wrap hair in a scarf

If you can’t tie your hair up, you need to wrap a silk or satin scarf on the head and cover your hair. The main idea behind this is to ensure that there is minimal friction between your hair and the surface you sleep on. Both silk and satin being soft in texture will cause the minimum damage your hair.

3) Don’t sleep with wet hair

The ill-effects of sleeping with wet or damp hair are many. The pillowcase will get wet and can lead to another kind of infection. The second problem is that it as your hair starts drying up at night, there are more chances of it getting entangled and you will wake up with messy hair.

4) Invest in a satin pillowcase

If you want your hair texture to improve, it would be better to buy a satin pillowcase. This is a soft fabric that ensures minimal friction between hair strands and the pillow. Also, remember to change your pillowcase twice a week.

5) Nourish hair with essential oils

Easy Pre-Wedding Hair Care

It is not the skin alone that needs nourishment at night. Even your scalp and hair require nourishment before you head to sleep. Take a little bit of essential oil of your liking and massage it gently on to the scalp. This way, there will be good blood circulation and hair growth.

6) Do dry hair massage

Easy Pre-Wedding Hair Care

Those who have an oily scalp can try dry massaging. Don’t apply any hair oil, just massage your scalp with fingers to increase the circulation of blood and improve hair growth. However, don’t put too much of pressure while doing so as it can lead to hair loss.

Apart from the above tips, there are more for brides-to-be. To keep the health of your hair intact, you need sound sleep. It helps in reducing stress and helps hair growth. After following the above tips religiously, you need to go to bed happily, without worrying about anything. Have a bed-time ritual to unwind as the days before your wedding can get really chaotic. Just relax and welcome the new phase in your life!

All the best!


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