Chanderi is a region situated strategically between the culturally rich regions of Bundelkhand and Malwa. Hence, the production, design, and weaving of Chanderi sarees is a perfect amalgamation of the artistic heritage of these two regions. Its design is given a touch of royalty by infusing it with weft motifs.

Source: Ajio
Source: Ajio

ven though the two words, Chanderi and silk always seem to go together, Chanderi saris are made of both, silk and cotton. This gives rise to three varieties of chanderi saris namely the Chanderi cotton, Chanderi Silk and the Chaderi silk cotton saris. The presence of hand woven intricate zari work or kalakari, beautifully interspersed with delicate motifs, is, however, common to all the sarees made in Chanderi. Motifs play a very important part in the design of a chanderi. In fact, it is that distinctive aspect that makes the chanderi saree stand out. The use of vegetable dyes also makes for colours and hues which are rich, original and a mix of varied hues, none of which have any similarity to each other.


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The sheer, glossy, transparent, light-weight texture of these saris showcase the perfect mix of traditional and modern techniques used. The deftness of the weavers is further enhanced and complimented by technology to yield results which stand out and excel in every possible way. Perhaps one of the best known and oldest surviving handloom clusters, its centuries-old style of weaving was once a great favourite of royal families. Today they also cater to the refined tastes of the elitist class.

The use of fragile hand spun cotton wefts and warps once accounted for its relatively higher price. But the discovery of Japanese silk has helped the weavers come up with cheaper alternatives. These might not be made of the original 300 count spun silk but are equally sophisticated and intricate where their designs and motifs are considered. Also, the availability of Chanderi sarees online has led to its nation-wide popularity with many people thrilling in the possession of these sarees, which were once favoured by royalty.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Kangana, the power woman of Bollywood, looks stunning in this dazzling green saree.

The use of extra fine, rich quality non-degumming yarn, results in giving these sarees another distinctive feature; their transparency and sheer texture. This special quality yarn is used for both silk and cotton sarees and imparts uniqueness to these sarees. The luminosity and ethereal quality of these sarees complete with the zari border and beautifully placed motifs make it an ideal party wear.


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