Looking up to our favourite Bollywood/ Hollywood stars for free fashion guidance is one way in which we all create our own style statements. However, following them blindly might give rise to some serious fashion faux pas in our lives. So beware of the ladies fashion bloopers ahead!

Ill fittings

What spoils even the best of the outfits is ill fits. Wearing a dress too tight will lead to your discomfort and may give rise to the worst of malfunctions: stitches coming out loose and tearing of garment. Wearing a dress too loose will give you a shabby appearance. Tanisha Mukherjee wore a dress that undermined her curves of lower body; the colour was too loud at the same time.

To avoid ill fittings, spoilers know your body shape first. Is it round, triangular, inverted triangular, hourglass, diamond or rectangular? Choose the dress cut accordingly. Secondly, avoid the colours that do not suit you. Colours like neon shades or bright ones can be difficult to carry for many. It is better to avoid them rather than getting attacked by fashion police later.

Crawled-out-of-the-garden dresses

Floral prints are easy to carry and appealing to sight, but carrying a garden in the name of a dress is out of the option. Actor Vidya Balan got it all wrong in her yellow sari. The pallu is worn in Gujarati style but the print pattern and fabric don’t suit it all. None of the elements of the ensemble would give you a soothing spring or summer feeling.


Sonam Kapoor has taken the blunder to next level with her Elie Saab gown. The gown has grown feathers all over it heavily and looks like a bundle of dry grass woven together.  If you wish to wear the print over a sari or suit then opt for light contrasts and embroidery sans heavy sequins work. If you love doing it over gowns or frock-like dresses then keep it light and natural, rather than forcing nature upon it.


Curtain dresses

These are those particular dresses which have unnecessary frills or fabric that should have been used to make the curtains. Ekta Kapoor seems to have an obsession for such dresses.  Her gravity-defying bodices are also unable to give her a sexy look. Also, fabrics like satin should be restricted to only the costumes you wore in school functions and not on big events.


To avoid such a blunder, avoid everything that is done above.

Makeup blunders


Your dress is excellent, the hairstyle is perfect, but your makeup looks like a mask of powder and your eyebrows are on the verge of extinction. Sonam Kapoor’s concealer surfaces out as a blemish itself rather than hiding it while Deepika Padukone tried a weird combination of powder with the foundation to add shades to her face. Gauri Khan goes a step further with oily face and pencil-thin eyebrows.


Makeup should be used to hide the skin flaws instead of adding them. Avoid heavy makeup unless you have to. Also, choose the makeup shade that is according to your skin tone. Let people know the real you and not the artificial mask.

Sneak-peak dresses

Everything in the ensemble is perfect, from your dress to the accessories. The spoilsport, however, becomes a peeking garment; it could be bra straps, hooks, or your way of sitting. These types of malfunctions are easily avoidable yet most common.


The easiest way to avoid them is to judge yourself from all sides while standing in front of a full-length mirror. This may sound weird but a full-length mirror cab is your only saviour in the absence of a loyal friend who points it out in time. Otherwise, fashion brigade will chase you everywhere, anyway. Also special care should be taken while sitting and walking up the stairs if you are wearing a short dress.

Colourful disaster

Another common mistake is the pairing of clothes of different colours that highly repel each other. Rani Mukherjee did the same when she wore a blue short kurta over green ghagra. An, even more, troubling factor was that the ghagra had an awkward semblance of a Christmas tree.


Avoidance is simple- know the colour combinations and your colour. Do not mix and match randomly, as it looks rather clown-like than trendy.

This year choose your ensemble wisely keeping in mind your fashion taste. Also, everybody is born with a different shape and tones so our favourite celebrities dress might not suit us, so copying them can cause another blunder. Our celebs have their own stylists, yet such disasters happen. Therefore, it is better to learn from their mistakes and save ourselves from faux pas.

– Loveleen Singh


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