Today’s woman is a Superwoman in every sense. She is managing her kitchen, her family and her work equally well. She’s a master at everything, she can take your organization to the next level alongwith acing that fancy dress competition for the little kiddo at school. In this fast-paced life, the wardrobe should not take a backseat. Your attire speaks volumes about your personality. A confident woman can lead the world and so here are five must-have saree for work.

Chiffon Saree


The criterion for categorizing sarees for office wear includes a comfortable fabric that is easy to carry. This makes a chiffon saree the perfect wear to work. It is light-weight and is available in a range of solid colours and abstract prints. The USP of chiffon sarees is that they look equally good at the big Indian wedding. Pair it up with a pendant if you’re going to work or heavy jewellery works perfect to bring out the damsel in you at functions and events. And the best part – it makes you look slim. Now you can forget about gaining that extra fat around the belly.

Cotton Saree

cotton saree
cotton saree

This piece of six yards is an epitome of sheer grace and elegance. From that top notch CEO to the social activist, cotton sarees look wonderful on every woman irrespective of her age, colour or built. Whether it is the intricately embroidered Bengali tant saree or Kota cotton, cotton not only suits the Indian weather but also makes a woman look even more beautiful. A pearl necklace and you are just right to get your team working.

Georgette Saree


A form that is mostly put in the category of daily wear saree, Georgette fabric is light weight and is most comfortable while you carry on with your daily activities. Run, climb, travel in the public transport, do anything without worrying about pleats and cloth crush. Georgette sarees come in varied prints that go great for work without making you feel uncomfortable. Also, all forms of jewellery go with georgette sarees ranging from traditional to chunk.

Silk Saree


If you can spend a little more than what you generally put on your daily wear saree then silk is what you ought to make a part of your wardrobe. The classiest type of the Indian drapery, silk saree is available in different categories. The southern Kanjeevaram silk, the Kosa silk, the Bhagalpuri silk, there’s silk from all states and every form has its own unique style and design. Sudha Murthy can often be found adoring a South silk saree. Need any more convincing?

Art Silk Saree

Art - silk
Art – silk

A silk lookalike, the art silk saree or may we say artificial silk saree is the common drapery that women tend to choose for work. With chic designs, art silk saree is a common choice among working women. The Indian market flooded with art silk and is less costly than original silk sarees that may cost you a bomb. Art silk is mostly a combination of rayon and silk but in no way does it make you less gorgeous. Going by the trendy prints available in the market, it would come as no surprise if you make all heads turn in office.




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