Christmas is all about celebrations but in all the chaos of getting
things done, don’t you ignore your looks. Even if you are wearing an
ordinary outfit, a good makeup can do wonders. A plain combination can
stand apart if you choose to do your makeup well. Lipstick plays a
crucial role in your makeup and thus, it is essential to select the
perfect shade for yourself. Presenting the best five bets in the shade
of red this Christmas.

1.Colorbar Citrine Soft touch Lipstick

Price: 475 INR


ideal shade to wear for those who do not want to experiment with red
palette. Not only does it lie in the affordable pricing range, it also
manages to stay for a respectable amount of time.

2. Maybelline Red Ray Superstay Megawatt Lipstick

Price: 575 INR


peppy shade, it qualifies for a perfect long stay lippie. When wearing
this color, you may ignore eye makeup and let your lip color do all the
talking. Personal experience, it’s going to stay all day without any
requirement of touch-ups. Worth every penny.

3. Revlon 240 Striking Color Burst Matte Balm

Price: 890 INR


has always been the talk of the town when lipsticks are taken into
consideration. And this is just another shade that tells you the
importance of wearing the right shade with the right stay. Two swipes
and you can simply forget about ruining your lipstick for hours

4. Lakme Absolute Red Rush Matte Lipstick

Price: 700 INR

I have never been a fan of Absolute as it never works out for me. While
it doesn’t stay that long as promised, it also leaves my lips dry. But
there have been a lot of takers for this red shade and I have noticed it
being a hit one of my colleagues. So this one is for all the Lakme
Absolute fans.

5. Deborah Milano Atomic Red Matte Lipstick

Price: 625 INR

This shade is for anyone who is looking to sober down the loudness of
the red shade. With a little tinge of cherry red to itself, this color
has its own uniqueness to make you stand out. You can easily do proper
eye makeup with it without worrying about looking too gaudy.

-From the editor’s desk


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