Solah Shringar: Hairstyles for the bride and bridesmaid


Let’s take a look at some more hairstyles.

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With French braids curved at the crown to look like a little tiara and accompanied with a messy bun this up do is a perfect for a compact yet intricate look.


Yet another floral hair do
for a fashionable and mesmerizing look. This amazing downdo has minimal
complexity yet a long lasting appeal.


Most  south Indian brides prefer the
traditional bun braid and gajra look shown below simply because it showcase
their tresses so well.


So many variations can be considered when it comes to this typical south Indian
hair style .the Gajraas can be white or colored ,tied around the bun or cover
it entirely with little flower bands hanging over it. The braid can be kept
simple, decorated with flowers, wrapped with pearls ribbons or embellished with
little jewels along the length of the hair.


Punjabi paranda is an age old traditional hairstyle where the braids are
extended using a decorated pseudo braid with charms at its end.


This updo is on the list because of the way this leaf shaped bling is used
to define the shape of the bun.

Decorated with bling or flowers ,these braids can make you look like anything from fresh and
lively to royal.

The fish tail is also a fine choice for the brides. Decorated with bling  or flowers, these braids can make you look like anything from fresh and lively to  royal.

Huma Abbasi

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