Solah Shringar:  Kamarbandh for the Bride Part 1


Waistband commonly known as “Kamarbandh” is an important part of the solah shringar. It is not merely used as an ornament to accentuate the bride’s beauty but also as a belt to keep the garment in position and give an overall composed appearance.

The Kamarbandh is known by various names in various regions of the country like phenta, patka  and Vadiyanam.


Kamarbandhs come in all sizes and shapes, ranging from delicate strings to heavily studded waist belts. Most common ones are the ones with a medium and regular width all over, like the one shown below.


This one simply resembles a heavily ornamented belt with a Kundan studded flower as a buckle and gold and pearl strings as the band. It is a perfectly durable piece of jewelry which is fairly visible and will go with pretty much every color and fabric and attire be it saree or lehenga.


An elegant waist band comprising just of drop shaped Kundan lining which is appropriate for parties and occasions which do not require heavy jewelry.


The jewelry is perfect for women with a defined waistline and it rests sensuously on the waist and highlights the figure. It seems Shilpa Shetty has a special love for kamarbandhs as the actress has been spotted flaunting her slender waist with these ornaments. From a single pearl string to multi stringed waist bands, Shilpa seems to have tried them all.


Another set of Kamarbandhs is the pearl stringed bands with floral embellishments at regular distances. Like the one shown above. It is perfect for pastel colored sarees.


A necklace shaped belt is another way to go. Here the design is much more concentrated to a little area which Is heavily festooned with precious and semi-precious stones and the remaining band is merely a string of beads or a simple chain.

Kamarbands provide a whole new elegance to your look. Stay tuned for more updates on this beautiful form of jewelry.

– Huma Abbasi


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