Must have blouses to grace any occasion


You can be a show stopper even with a solid chiffon saree provided it is paired with the correct blouse. Traditional Indian attires like saree and lehengas are worn along with beautifully tailored blouses. Not only are they crafted in a manner that perfectly complements the female contours but they also add a grace to the overall outfit.


In the Indian subcontinent every region has its
own unique tradition, which is also reflected in the clothing. And as the
cultures have come together, new patterns have emerged over time .The
involvement of fashion has added an altogether different dimension to blouse

Here are a few outstanding blouses that have the power to elevate the attire’s
overall impact.

Mandarin Collar

Mandarin collar more commonly known as the Chinese collar blouse is a high neck blouse .These blouses are perfect for official and formal occasions for the fact they aren’t too revealing. These blouses add a class to your personality.


Padukone looks elegant dressed in a net saree and a mandarin collared blouse. 

Crafted back Blouses


This is where designers
put their most creativity. From backless to sequin covered backs, these blouses
can never go out of style.

Halter neck blouses

A halter neck basically implies a garment which is held by the
strings tied around the neck. It is Again a contemporary fashion however is
amalgamates perfectly with the traditional Indian outfits.

Puffed Sleeved


Puffed sleeves blouses are a gift from the Bengal region .We
often see these blouses during DurgaPooja worn with red bordered white sarees. Madhuri
Dixit looks enticing in a red velvet puff sleeved blouse.

Boat Neck blouses 

This particular blouse pattern is a product of the modernization of the Indian


Kareena Kapoor displays a perfect ensemble of bright colors, Indian tradition
and the boat neck.

Net Blouse

Designers have come
up with a whole new array of net patterns. From very fine net to the leafy
patterned and shimmer incorporated net fabrics .Therefore the range of choices
has increased vastly henceforth Net blouses are in this season.


Kajol wearing
a beautiful full sleeve net blouse crafted with shimmery floral patterns. 

Sleeveless blouses


Sushmita Shetty displays an amazingly crafted piece of
clothing .The blouse is held up by straps which run over the shoulders.

High Neck Blouses

The high neck blouse has a great potential when
it comes to designing. These blouses look equally beautiful with collar,
without collar, long and short and no sleeves. They have a personality enhancing

Long Sleeved blouses

The long sleeves somehow add a mesmerizing gleam to the saree. 

No wonder,
Aishwarya to Alia, all of our actresses take pleasure in dressing up to the
occasion in a long sleeved blouse.

The Corset Blouses

Corset is a tight fitting garment worn to provide shape to
the figure. Do not worry .These blouses aren’t troublesome like the actual
corsets. Just the look and feel is similar. And who better than DiyaMirza can depict
these catchy blouse patterns.

Huma Abbasi


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