Offbeat Engagement Outfits

offbeat engagement outfits

Visited all possible shops for an engagement out and only and only saw gowns? Disappointed? We feel you but don’t worry! We always have brides who are for different and off-beat indo-western outfit for their engagement ceremony. So we did our research and put together a list the most off-beat outfits for the brides-to-be for some inspiration.

Indianised Jumpsuit

Source: Pinterest

Whoever said jumpsuits were limited to western wear was definitely wrong! If you are looking for something off beat then you must give the Indianised jumpsuit a shot. And our absolute fav designer for this is without a doubt, Ridhi Mehra. The designer has a gorgeous gorgeous collection of jumpsuits perfect for a bride-to-be!

P.S.- You can get them customized!

Crop Top Lehenga

Source: NineColours

The fun, new age silhouette, the crop top lehenga is basically worn without the dupatta giving it the #ContemporaryVibes. Just remember, for you to rock this style you must be in great shape. Start working out today girls!

The Pant Saree

offbeat engagement outfits

Source: Pinterest

This is for the fashion-forward brides. If Sonam Kapoor is your style icon, then you must have seen her wear these. They are soooo fun and super chic! We absolutely loooovee some of Anamika Khanna collection of pant sarees! But in case you are on a budget, visit the designer hub of Delhi, yes we are talking about Shahpur Jat.

Trail Lehengas

Source: Kala Palette

The biggest trends in 2018! And the brides absolutely loving it. A trail with the right lehenga will add oodles of charm and glam to the beauty of it. We can’t stop drooling over Manish Malhotra’s trail lehengas. *Sigh* and doesn’t Deepika Padukone look like a dream?

The Gown Saree

Source: QRCodeMatrix

The silhouette of a sari, but in a form of a gown. How amazing is that? If you want to wear a saree but are scared of the fact you won’t be able to handle a saree. It is a simple gown with fabric draped like a pallu. This outfit is a fool-proof way to westernize your look for your engagement.

The Lehenga with a Jacket

Source: Anita Dongre

A long jacket with slits or a sheer jacket looks so trendy! Take a pick! And you are engagement ready!

We hope this list of outfits gave you some inspiration for your engagement outfit! Happy shopping!


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