Indian cinema has seen numerous remarkable actresses over the years however only a handful of them have been successfully able to keep themselves from fading out. Rekha is one such veteran. She was a sensation then and undoubtedly is a sensation even now. She is well known not only as an exceptional actor but also trendsetter and heartthrob of millions.


It is interesting to note that Rekha started off her acting career in her early teens, 12 to be precise.


Considering the fact that her mother (Pushpavalli) and father (Gemini) both were Telugu and Tamil actors respectively Rekha did not find it very difficult to find roles for herself. However, a great amount of efforts were required to keep the offers coming. Her enchanting personality has always been an asset.


Then known as Baby Bhanu-Rekha, the actress came to be known as Rekha as she gained popularity. In the rarest of the rare occasions when the actress appears for interviews, her playful and childlike attitude cannot go unnoticed. Some of her unforgettable movies are Silsila and Khoon Bhari Mang.


Rekha posing beside the poster of her movie “Silsila”, dressed in a shimmering golden saree.

Her journey and transformation over the years and the refined charm and sensuousness that she possesses has the power to leave everyone spellbound.


Rekha is past 60 now and has been awarded Padma Shri (4th highest civilian award of the country) for her contribution to the Indian Cinema.

Possessing an unrivalled grace and beauty is one thing and embracing it with humility and modesty is a totally different scenario. The latter holds true for the mesmerizing and acclaimed actress.

A candid picture of Rekha along with another veteran actresses Sri devi sharing a laugh.

A lot has been said and written about her unparalleled style and outfits. Her Kanjeevaram sarees have made women of all ages drool. Whether it’s my mom, granny or me, all of us have wished for the sarees she dons with such perfection. Along with from her empowering personality and brilliant acting skills, her dressing sense has set her apart in every era, the yesteryears and the present times. Hence, we decided to create a compilation of her best outfits (which was inded too difficult, all seemed to be perfect). Coming up shortly with her best looks.

Stay tuned 🙂

Huma Abbasi


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