What is the first question that strikes a woman in India when she enters a new home, a new life, becoming a part of a new family? Indeed, it’s how to impress her in-laws. And, with that said, the mother-in-law takes the most important spot! An Indian mother-in-law is known for the possessive attitude towards her son. She expects you to be an alter ego of her and develop all the qualities she has constructed over years, being a wife and mother. In order to overcome the chasm of generation and traditional gaps (incase of inter-caste marriages), you need to shift from the glamour of the 21st century to ethnic simplicity of those times. Getting relief from the super common dialogue of Mother-in-laws ‘hamare zamane me……. aaj kal ki ladkiya……’ is a daring challenge. Here’s a little help for all married ladies and to be brides. You can try these on outfits to impress your in-laws. Go, win her heart and soul by sober fashion.

Drape it up – Explore nuances of a saree!

From looking elegant to shimmering sexy has been a journey of a saree, over years people have messed up with the draping pattern. Choose elegance over sexiness to impress your mother-in-law. Let it be simple, be a sophisticated lady who carries it with grace and confidence. The pattern of draping up is determined by the region of the country you live in or the traditional background you hold.

Northern woman can pick up Lucknavi, Banarasi (sarees with jhalar), Jamawar (zari thread work), Kota net or Kota jaali. A South Indian lady prefers Kaanjeevaram Patt, Konrad (wide and beautiful bordered), Mysore silk. Western fashion goes along Bandhani or Bandhej, Patola, Paithani (peacock designed pallu and oblique square borders). In Eastern parts of India, Baluchari, Kantha (richly embroidered) and the very unique, Taant (which means made over loom) are the common pull offs.

Choose your saree according to your tradition. Without any doubt she will be impressed to see that you respect their traditional and ethic values. Apart from the traditional approach you can go to a casual approach of wearing beautiful and stiff cotton, rich silk, light chiffon which gives you an adorable look.

The Spell of Salwar Kameez never fails…

Want to astonish your MIL? Don’t stress, just strive perfection with your favourite pair of Salwar Kameez. This is undoubtedly one of the best outfits to impress your in-laws. If you overdress, it may give her a wrong impression. Avoid wearing suits which will eventually find a place in corner of your closet after you wear them once, over embellished or richly embroidered with zari. Prefer a gracious and bright coloured pair which compliments your tone followed by bangles and light accessories; place a bindi on your forehead. You MIL’s eyes will be forced to envisage her young days each time she looks at you.

Comfort with grace – Slip into a Kurti!

Going unnoticed in your In-Laws eyes? We’ve got the perfect solution to break through this and accentuate your charm by the stunning look in your regular Desi affair. Slip into a normal slit cut long Kurti with a pair of leggings or jeans and allure your In-Laws with your simple yet pleasing splendour. Short kurti and frock type (anarkali) can be worn according to the gravity of the occasion. Just don’t forget to flaunt the hint of make-up complimented with magnificent accessories.

Rock your fusion beats (And yes, this is an amazing idea, indeed!)

Bored of the anomalous getup everyday? Show up your bold personality openly to your MIL, nothing to hide about being yourself, instead she will be impressed by your honesty and support you. Ladies dress up perennially and amalgamate your ethnic sense with a bit of western twist which offers you to rediscoveryour passion to dress up exclusively. Match your Palazzo, Dhoti, one slit long Kurti, explore and flourish the Indo-Western. She will definitely be in love with the modesty you carry right inside your heart which shows up through your dresses.

Occasionally dramatic – Be spotlight ready with Lehangas!

Be it a wedding ceremony or pooja at home lehangas always adds up to your beauty. As you like dressing up the same kind every day, lehengas offer you a resplendently beautiful transformation from your daily look. Perfect blouse with sleeves which suits on your body, full and three-fourth sleeves are hot trends these days. Properly drape your dupatta or just pin it up on left shoulder and carry it with confidence. And you are ready to rock your designer lehanga. This look will definitely have an impact on your MIL about the capacity of variation your hold in your dress up style codes. Not only your MIL, this outfit can draw you attention and praise of the whole crowd in a family event.

Now you are ready to dress to the nines and slay your mother-in-law with a magical shine!



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