Overnight Beauty Treatments


Do you wake up with dull skin and frizzy hair and blame it on your busy schedule? Well, then you can make some magic happen while you are asleep. All it takes is a few minutes before you drift off to the dreamland. Listed below are some overnight beauty treatments that you can follow religiously to wake up with glowing skin and silky hair.

1) Castor oil treatment

Everyone wants thick eyelashes but only a few are blessed with them. There are plenty of overpriced eyelash serums available in the market buy experts suggest home remedies such as castor oil treatment. Use a clean Q-tip to dab castor oil along the top lash line before going to bed. You will see the results within a period of 8-10 weeks.

2) Socks and Gloves

Our hands and feet get the least amount of attention. For treating rough and cracked feet, apply Vaseline, coconut oil or moisturizer generously. Wear cotton socks to bed. Socks will hold the moisture and it will be absorbed by the skin easily. For dry hands, apply a rich water based moisturizer and then wear cotton gloves to bed. You may take some time to get used to it but the result is surely worth it.

3) Make Those Pimples Vanish

Pimples look really ugly and sometimes even gross. They are really stubborn and don’t leave our face easily. One can apply tea tree oil on pimples before going to bed and notice the difference after waking up. This overnight beauty treatment is a real saviour the only constraint being that tea tree oil should be pure.

4) Un-cracked Lips

Exfoliate your lips before going to bed with a mild scrub. You can even use lemon and sugar for the same. Cut a thin slice of lemon and put some sugar over it. Rub it in a circular manner. Apply a nourishing oil (coconut, olive or vitamin E oil) and massage your lips. Alternatively, you can also use coffee, honey and coconut oil to exfoliate your lips. This will make you forget those cracks.

5) Bright Eyes

Dull eyes with dark rings around them is a normal sight these days. To de-puff your eyes, you can keep your eye cream in the refrigerator and apply it while it’s still cool. For treating dark circles, almond oil massage is a fantabulous way. Oil will not only fade the dark circles but will also treat fine lines and nourish the delicate skin.

6) Best Sleeping Position

overnight beauty treatments
Sleeping on your side or on your stomach can be the cause of appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face which can become permanent. The best way to avoid these is by sleeping on your back. This is not only an overnight beauty treatment but also a health benefit.

Last but not the least, eight hours of sound sleep is important for both your physical and mental well-being. Do follow these overnight beauty treatments to wake up to a flawless you. Additionally, patience is required as these home remedies take some time to give noticeable results. Afterall, it is called beauty sleep for a reason!



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