Talking about what wonders a good blouse can do to your outfit here are a few
outfits where the blouse is the major attraction.

This long sleeved black blouse embroidered with copper color and paired with
green is a head turner. The fact that it is not revealing and a comfortable
piece of clothing makes it an even more appealing choice.


Plain red saree paired up with a delicate black net blouse.Long sleeved blouse
involving intricate net with floral impressions makes a superb outfit for your


This is a beautifully designed saree, especially for young girls, the color, net
and flowers make it completely alluring outfit.The level of detailing, design
and intricacy involved is quite high, however if you can manage to get this thing
made, wear it by all means.


The highlight of this outfit is the exceedingly sequined blouse. The sleeveless
blouse with a mandarin color is capable enough to put your plain blue saree
into focus.

“The golden blouse” as all of us know is a rescuer. Not only does it add
shimmer to the outfit but it goes completely with every hue and only enhances
the charm of the attire as a whole.

To sum up , a few things that all of the girls should keep in mind are :

  • Make sure you do not wear anything too revealing, it is a school/college
    and you should  maintain the decorum .
  • Do not over do it, the saree ,the hair style and make up ,most of the
    events are day events. Your attempt should be to look sublime and not
  • Make sure you are comfortable be it the saree,
    foot wear  or hair do as we all know
    farewells are emotional events and you would want to enjoy every bit of it.

Happy Farewell Girls

– Huma Abbasi


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