Solah Shringar: 10 Irresistible chokers for the bride


Necklaces are prime ornaments when it comes to solah shringar and come in all shapes and sizes. From the delicate chains to the maharaja necklaces and mangalsutra, a bride wears them all. There are so many different styles and forms of necklaces that all cannot be covered in one post. Thus this section is solely dedicated to chokers.

A choker is a special category of necklaces which are basically wrapped around the neck like a collar. Chokers can be designed out of almost anything and yet look mystical be it gold, silver, pearls, beads, gems etc. The width of the choker greatly varies from a thin delicate strip to expansive pieces of art as your will see in the list prepared below.


This exquisite neckpiece is for the bold brides. Beautifully lined with peacock feathers this necklace resembles a gold studded dancing peacock. And the intricate carvings on the solid choker band add a regal finish to Kangna Ranaut’s look.


This glorified piece of art can make you nothing less than regal .A color-laden necklace with square stones and pearl drops and ruby and finely lined with gold borders can give you that ultimate bridal glow.


The symmetric design is the most attractive part of this neck piece. White kundan spheres aligned perfectly with each other and bordered with glossy pearls make this a safe choice for an elegant look.

This brilliantly netted diamond neck piece can add a fine grace to your wedding look. This may not be the perfect choice for the pheras but it makes a perfect adornment for the reception and sangeet.


A beautiful neck piece with kundan work crescent shapes bordered red beads on one side and green and silver piping on the other. This colored choker gives Sania Mirza a really feminine charm and complements her red and golden saree.

Wondering about the remaining ones?

Don’t worry. They are on their way.

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Huma Abbasi

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