As promised in our last post, we are back with more options for the bride.


This intricate diamond choker with beautifully decorated red ruby drops and an emerald studded at the center beautifully covers the neck and collar bone.


For a simple yet chic look this Alia Bhatt neck piece is a perfect match. You can combine to or more bands like Alia to enhance your look. The intricate gold bead lining adds dimension to the plane bands.


This stone studded designer necklace lined with emeralds clearly helps you make a  bold statement.This neck piece wraps around your neck to make it appear like a bejewelled part of a body.


Sonam Kapoor magnificently displays a gold choker lined with kundan and pearls.It is a beautiful consolidation of three different types and color of jewelry.


A Choker list cannot be complete without the royal Rajasthani collars. Large necklaces spreading from one shoulder to another are an easily identifiable Rajasthani art. Women who want a royal Rajasthani look can opt for such designs.

Chokers are capable of symbolizing anything from sheer boldness to utter elegance and that is why have always been a favorite among the ladies of all times.

Huma Abbasi

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