Solah Shringar: 10 Maang Teekas for the bride


Every piece of jewelry donned by the bride has an underlying significance besides the beauty it brings. Consequently, the maang teeka is not only a hair accessory but a symbol of perseverance and wisdom.It denotes the third eye which is said to strengthen a woman’s spiritual powers.

According to the Hindu mythology, the place where the teeka is worn forms the sixth chakra of the forehead also known as ajnachakra. The ajnachakra characterizes the power of concentration and intuitiveness. Truth be told, the fashion sense has started playing a major role along with the mythological and traditional importance. The aim is to be traditionally trendier.

Here is a collection of differently styled maang teekas from the regional design to the contemporary innovations from the jewelry designer.

1) The classic one stringed pendant

This particular style has existed since ages and can never go out of style owing to its elegant appeal and effortless look.


These teekas are perfect for the brides looking for a simple classy look.

2) Over sized teekas

Not everyone believes in the “beauty in simplicity” theory, especially on their wedding day. And the oversized teekas are perfect for our bold brides who take pleasure in ornamenting themselves in heavy jewellery.

3) Pearl stringed teeka

Pearls have always been the choice of royal blood, they not only add a chic finish to your appearance but also a subtle magnificence. Pearls were Cleopatra’s favourite too.

Alia Bhatt depicts how easily pearls can add lustre to your look.

4) Rajasthani Bor:

Rajasthan has always been ahead when it comes to architecture, heroism, art and traditions and the bor or borla is a perfect example. The spherical style completely stands out where most designs follow flat patterns.


5) Side swipe maang teeka:

A relatively modern incorporation into the Indian bridal look, these jewels are a combination of maang teeka and half a matha patti.

These looks are perfect for sangeet and receptions.

6) Jhumar or passa:

Earlier prevalent among the Muslim brides the jhumar is now attracting attention of the brides across the country. It is worn along with the teeka and can cover one half of the forehead completely.

7) One stringed matha patti:

A matha patti is an adornment which beautifies the hair line. The width and intricacy of the patti may vary and can be crafted using  pearls, kundan, gold or gems.The gems can be color coordinated with the outfits as well.

8) Multiple stringed matha patti:

If you are a jewellery lover and can carry a jewel-studded headgear for the entire ceremony this is your pick.

9) South Indian matha patti:

Along with the matha patti, the south Indian brides also wear little rakodi jewels on their head.

10) Hidden Maang teeka:


These are for the brides who do not wish to go for a centre-parted hairstyle. These teekas can perfectly adorn your forehead.

If you’re in Delhi, Chandni Chowk and Lajpat Nagar are the apt places to get these. In case you’re someone who likes to buy jewellery online, you can try the likes of Caratlane and Velvet Case. They certainly have an amazing collection of gold, silver, and fashion jewellery.


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