Solah Shringar: 10 Nose pins for the bride and best friends


A bride’s face is the most observed part of her body hence so much care is taken in bejewelling every possible feature, ears, hairline, forehead, etc. and the nose definitely deserves special attention owing to the fact that it lies at the center of the face. A pierced nose depicts the rite of passage, meaning the
transition of a maiden into a married woman. Indian brides have a number of
patterns to choose from considering the country’s diverse cultures. Tiny Studs
to gigantic nose rings every jewel has its own unique charm.

Listed below are a range of nose pins and rings which have the power to take
your beauty to another level.

Nathni – The delicate nose rings

Both Punjabi and Rajasthani styles involve large yet delicate rings embellished
with little artistry. These rings are supported by strings which are then hooked
into the hair.

The Latkan

Latkan implies a piece of jewellery that hangs. In these patterns, the nose ring in itself is a confined to a smaller size however the strings attached to it
are more festooned and noticeable.


This particular variant can be called a nose clip rather than a ring or stud due to its appearance. Mukhuttis are prevalent in the Konkan region. These are apt for brides who do not wish to handle a large ornament throughout the ceremony.

Laung or the stud

The term Laung is derived from the spice clove considering the similarity in
their appearance. Laungs are a good and comfortable option for regular wear for the bride. However, it is a good piece of jewellery for the bridesmaids.

Maharashtrian Nosepin

This nath stands out because of its atypical style size and decoration. Where
most nose ornaments are circular and symmetrical, the unusual design and charm of the Maharashtrian nose pin is simply irresistible.

Remaining styles to be up by evening. Stay tuned.


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