As promised, we are back with the second part. You may check out the first part here.

The spoked nose rings

The easiest way to explain this is one worn by Deepika Padukone in the song “Deewani
Mastani”. Unlike the Rajasthani nathani these hoops have more complex designs
resembling the spokes of a wheel.

Fan Shaped Nath

Another variation in the hoop pattern is the fan-shaped nath. These nose rings are clearly more extravagant and spanning nose piece. It can be adorned with almost anything be
it gold, precious semi- precious stones, pearls, or kundan.

Centre Nose ring 

Traditionally worn in the southern regions of the country, the nose pin is
called pullaku. The size and weight of these ornaments is restricted, mainly
because they are worn around septum which is a really sensitive part of the

Multiple stringed nath

Adding a little twist in the tradition this style is for the bold and perky brides. This nath with go perfectly well with a lavish golden outfit.

Studs on both nostrils

Another typical
south Indian tradition where both the nostrils are adorned with gold nose pins
embellished with precious gems.

Huma Abbasi


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