Characterized by their
exceptionally large size incorporated with tiny mirrors at the center, Arsi
rings are yet another significant part of the bride’s solah shringar. These rings
are worn on the thumb .Traditionally the Indian brides confine their beauty
behind veils however these veils restrict their vision, especially the sight of
their beloved.


These rings are cleverly crafted to act as an aid for the bride
whenever she wishes to look at her husband from within the veil without even
lifting her eyelids. The mirror can also be used to ensure that her looks are
prim. So we can say, in olden times, the arsi rings pretty much acted as your
phone’s secondary camera.

With the mirror required no more, these rings patterns have evolved over time,
where the looking glass is substituted with oversized precious and semiprecious
gemstones however their size has remained large throughout.

Here are a few arsi ring patterns for you to make the perfect decision for your D-Day.

Classic circular and elliptical mirror rings


Although stealing a glance of the groom is not much of an issue for today’s
brides however for those of you who wish to follow  convention a full hundred percent then you can pick these charms.

Gem studded arsi rings

A modernized variation with a red stone and
diamond periphery which not only adds colour and cut to your look but is also in
sync with the old practices.


Notice that wearing the ring on the middle finger is a common practice.

Golden coloured arsi with beaded danglers


if you wish to go for a complete ethnic look, this golden arsi can be a suitable
match for you. The relatively smaller radius of this trinket is compensated by
its thickness and the white and blue beads which hang at the periphery.

Crescent and drop shaped arsi rings

If you are not a fan of oversized circular rings and are flexible to experiment
then you can choose from a number of unconventional shapes available like
crescent, drop, square, star, etc.

The designs are rather simple involving just a mirror lined with a single row
of coloured diamonds and traditional silver ghungroo.

Peppy arsi rings

Embossed with fresh eye catching colors and bordered with elegant spike shaped
artwork  this ring will jazz up your
bridal look. How much ever atypical this ring may look it can blend in
perfectly with outfits of any color from pink, blue white to purple and green.

Kundan Studded arsi rings

These rings are perhaps the safest choice for you. The beauty of kundan lies in its
ability to be moulded into myriad shapes, therefore giving you a humongous number
of possibilities to choose from.

There rings are an amazing variety with correct proportions on boldness and
intricacy weaved in along with their designs.

Black metal rings

A characteristic Rajasthani hue these rings are for those brides who prefer subtle colors and simpler yet mod designs.

Besides adorning our fingers Arsi rings truly make us realize the importance of
little things in life.


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