According to the Hindu mythology, a woman’s hair have the power to enchant a man therefore traditionally a bride’s hair is either tied into a bun or braided or both.It is believed that the three strands represent the three Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. The locks are then customarily decorated with jasmine flower wreaths.

Studies have shown that men are attracted toward healthy hair ergo kesha-pasha-rachna which literally translates to arrangement of the hair flock, plays a major role in the solah shringar.

Long locks are considered a sign of beauty and growth.

In northern parts of the country, women are supposed to cover their heads during auspicious ceremoniestherefore most hairstyles are done taking that into consideration. However, down south brides wear a neatly tucked saree thus the head remains uncovered and open to be decorated with flowers and even heavy jewelry. The bridal hair dos have drastically changed over time, one noticeable change is the usage of all kind of flowers for hair decoration which was earlier limited to little white Jasmine florae.
Here is a compilation of different bridal hair styles that you can opt for your wedding day for that enchanting look.

It is a sober and hassle-free look. With a little bling hooked onto the bun, this is a perfect hairstyle both for the covered head and otherwise. The bun acts as a resting place for the heavy dupatta.

A more of a modern hairdo completed with a fresh floral touch can give a very lively finish to your hair style. And the arrangement of your locks into fine loops adds to the intricacy  of the design.

This is a timeless style to wear a gajra and can never really go out of fashion. Additionally, the wonderful aroma of the flowers adds an alluring touch to your personality.

This particular style works best with indo western dresses and ethnic gowns which are particularly worn during sangeet and receptions where the locks flow freely over the shoulders and back giving you a captivating appearance. The bouffant at the crown makes the hair easily noticeable.


For a more enhanced look, floral bands are wrapped around the bun once or multiple times depending on the volume requirement

Stay tuned! We will be back with some more hairstyles.

Huma Abbasi


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