Weddings form a significant part of the rich cultural heritage of India. And women play a pivotal role throughout the ceremony. One special woman, who views the wedding with equal amounts of joy and trepidation, is the bride herself. The joy of starting a new life with her beloved, however, overrides any tension or nervousness she faces. And she throws herself wholeheartedly into the preparations of her upcoming wedding.


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Finalising on the wedding dress is, however, a time taking affair and should be done months in advance. For the bride, it is the most contributing factor which will make her look perfectly beautiful on her marriage day. Generally, lehengas are the most preferred type of dress worn by the bride. But there are certain things that the bride should keep in mind before zeroing on her wedding lehenga.


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1. Colour: Traditionally the red colour has always been the preferred colour for a bride to wear for her wedding. But now other shades of red like orange, pink and fuchsia are also in vogue. These colours keep in touch with the tradition but also add enough difference to make a bride look unique.


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2. Design: The wedding lehenga designs too, have to be sorted. Since the wedding attire has to be worn for a considerable length of time, comfort should rank among the top two priorities. Also, the design and cut of the lehenga should accentuate the beauty of the bride while at the same time hide the flaws of her body.


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3. Embroidery: The embroidery of the lehenga has to be chosen carefully too. Rich embroidery adds a touch of traditional glamour to the lehenga while subtle embroidery portrays grace and poise. Some even have sequins, beads, and stones etc., woven intricately in the embroidery. With the wedding lehenga online collections putting forth lehengas with different kinds of unique embroidery work, it is a tough choice to make.


4. Choli: The choice of the choli too has to be unique enough to compliment the lehenga. Infact a subtle choli teamed with gorgeous gold or kundan jewellery can make quite a statement.


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5. Dupatta or Chunri: No lehenga is complete without the draping of the dupatta. This dupatta can be of the traditional red colour or can be of a shade which contrasts yet complements the embroidered splendour of the lehenga.

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