The Ultimate Shopping Checklist for Every Bride



If you are planning your own wedding, you will be super occupied coordinating everything. Sometimes, even the best of wedding planners can overlook a few tiny details until the last minute. Keeping that in mind, you must start shopping for your outfits, jewellery, etc. well in advance and so you don’t forget anything, we have created the ultimate shopping list for you.

Happy Shopping Girls!

The D-Day Outfit

First and foremost you want to spend a good amount of time looking for the perfect outfit for your wedding day as all eyes will be on you that day. Hence, spend time looking at different designers and different silhouettes, don’t forget to try them on.

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Tip- Don’t walk-in to a store with a colour in mind. You have no idea how many girls have told us that they wore the colour they never thought they would.


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Everyone says-since jewellery is a bigger investment than your lehenga, you must buy the jewellery before the lehenga. But to be honest, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is choosing the right piece of jewellery which works well with your outfit.

Bridal Shoes

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A staple that every woman must have in her wardrobe is a comfy pair of gold/silver heels (or both). But what’s a better occasion other than your wedding to splurge on some gorgeous shoes may be designer ones? Make sure you walk around the store for a few minutes before buying them because you will be standing for quite some time on your wedding.

Tip- Make sure to break into your wedding shoes before the day!

Backup Outfits

Considering every Indian wedding has at least 4 function, besides the 4 outfits, you have planned to wear you must keep backup outfits for any last minute mishap.

A Garment Bag

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Whether you are getting ready at the venue or you need to store the lehenga after the wedding, you must get a garment bag which will help you transport the lehenga to the wedding venue without a scratch.

Bridal Emergency Kit

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A bridal emergency kit is a must for every bride. Or rather it is a safety precaution in case something unexpected happens. A bridal emergency kit will come in handy for just those moments.



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